Tigernuts are a perfect snack, they have a nutty taste and are packed with fibers which make them a delicious appetite suppressant. The tigernut also called chufa in Spanish, is not a nut but a root vegetable originating from the tuber cyperus. The tigernut is not only gluten free but also can be eaten by people with a nut allergy. Chufa is a natural source of phosphorus and magnesium and is very high in fiber. It has a sweet chestnut flavor and does not need any sweetening. It is delicious both raw, roasted or grinded. You can easily replace nuts with chufa for example in granola, muesli bars or chocolate. Or make your own flour and vegetable milk with it.



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Tigernuts grow well in sandy soil, the plant is dried first before harvesting. After the harvest, the nuts are washed with water to remove soil and roots. Then the tigernut is dried for about 3 months. The use of tigernuts dates back from the time of our ancestors in the paleo time.

Tigernuts are a natural source of proteins, have a very high potassium value, are a source of phosphor and magnesium. They have a sweet nutty taste but are nut-free, they contain a lot of fibre, are allergen free and contain no preservatives.