Coconut flour is excellent to use in gluten free products and is a good alternative to traditional grain-based flours. Use it in your yogurt, breakfast cereal or pastry. Coconut flour will add a slightly sweet coconut taste to your creations.




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Bags with inner liner

Organic Coconut Flour 25kg


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Sri Lanka/ Philippines



Product Information


Coconut flour is a natural by-product of the cold pressed process of coconut oil. The left-over coconut product is degreased, dried and ground until it becomes a fine powder suitable for baking. Coconut flour is a natural product and has no added preservatives.

It is gluten free and rich in protein and contains nearly 50% non-digestible dietary fibres which provide a long-lasting filling feeling. This makes it perfect for vegans, gluten intolerants and people looking for a healthier lifestyle.